Love Bomb Letter LP

by Andres Lõo

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A love bomb letter.
A lo-fi stitch full of subliminal politics and melodrama.


released October 8, 2011

Album written and produced by Andres Lõo, except lyrics on "Ma tean" ( by Hando Runnel). "Ma tean" is a cover of Sven Grünberg's "Tulen kord jälle". Guest vocals on "Gender Bender" by Joana 'Trashedia' Barrios. "A Little Blue" co-produced by Ervin Trofimov of Opium Flirt.

Graphic design by Andri Allas
Cover artwork by Riina Varol & Andres Lõo
Mastered by Tanel Klesment



all rights reserved



Andres Lõo Tallinn, Estonia

Sex Tags Amfibia
Vitamiin Loft
Phantom Platform

Faun Racket
Holy Motors
Opium Flirt
Luarvik Luarvik

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Track Name: Sometimes
You'll need to buy your way into an interaction
In a boozed up sit com pushing decent conversation
With a little help of something that might
numb you down or frisk you
escalate you
move you
do you
make you a master of the ceremony
Track Name: I Don't Know How to Write a Song in English
I don't have a lifestyle
But I have a life
I don't have a future
But i have a right to fight
I don't make a living
But I live in making
I don't go to waterfalls
But I see how water falls

I don't know how to write a song in English
So i'd rather babble something that reminds
Oh well, what about something impish
Give away all meanings, rather mumble or resign

Track Name: Love Bomb Letter
I am too weak to share pure abstract love
but I hope to finger shamelessly your private parts
most hopefully your soul and your heart

With the curtains closed
and the lights going out
it was there as the room was the night
it was holding us tight

Perhaps a love bomb letter
finds you at home one day
with an envelope full of substance
that will blast you away

Yes, perhaps one day
napalm love pours down on you from sky
It'll tear down towers of your clothes
and burn holes in your eyes
Simply, just to sympathise

Yes, perhaps I should confess commiting crime
Ooh, I've being too shy
I know, you wouldn't mind

I will surely detonate your world
with missile kisses
metro rush serene
love gun's warmth still missing in action
please, why don't you try, You'll see!

'Been the furniture of your bliss
the accident and explosion
motoring your mildest
and the wildest bed in motion hiss

Struggling to have more
of what is there for our divine
kinky pettings, drooling odours
i'm with you and you are mine

'Been the furniture of your bliss
the accident and evolvement
the motor and the kiss
and the bed for tears of indulgement

Still, I am too weak to share pure abstract love
Still, I am too weak
Track Name: Windmill
The air is so still
What happened in the windmill?
Track Name: Ma tean
Ma tean, et ma tulen kord jälle
ja hakkan sind nõudma taga
ja otsima igat su jälge,
kus kunagi kohtus me rada
Mu tulek on aimates tunda -
siis kuulda võid öölinnu karjet.
On hämarad ööd minu tundlad,
neist pidet saan leida ning varjet.
Kõik muistse mis vajnud liiva,
mu tulek taas äratab üles,
ehk küll teda kurjalt ja kiivalt
aeg-unustus peab oma süles.
Siis nõuan ma taga sind jälle
me päevi, neid väheseid liiaks.
Ning tundi ma kardan, kus jälle
mu pihust kõik pudeneb liivaks.

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